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NBA Mock Draft

9 months ago

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With the NBA All-Star Game being held on Sunday, the NBA season is a little more than halfway over. With next Thursday’s trade deadline fast approaching, teams are determining whether to go all in on this season, or enter rebuilding mode with help from the draft.

This upcoming draft class is thought of as one of the most talented in recent memory. Its strength is guard play at the top, but there is depth and talent at all positions. Whether you’re looking for the next superstar or just in a position to get a solid role player, the 2017 draft has it all.

Of course, plenty of that talent hails from the SEC. Most is consolidated in Lexington, Ky., but there are a handful of other potential first-round picks from other squads in the SEC.

Part of the fun of getting closer to draft season is reading through mock drafts from across the web to see where your favorite players might end up come June. With that said, we’ve compiled some of the best and most reputable mocks from the basketball internet.

Here are the full first rounds from mock drafts by Draft Express and to give you a better idea of what things could look like come June. Source from

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Our First Espresso Machine

7 months ago

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Tips on operating espresso machine

My brother was working for a nutritional company and it was their year-end function, for some strange reason unknown to us my brother’s boss gave him an espresso machine as a gift that night, since we are fairly down to earth folk and don’t really frequent coffee shops, also only able to afford the instant kind of coffee none of us knew how to operate this new found beast in the house. I think that if it didn’t specify that it was an espresso machine on the box none of us would’ve even known what it was.

Finally Using It

As we are all quite technical minded, we were all on-board for this new conquest. Oh Boy what a disaster after spraying milk all over the kitchen and burning our hands with steam we decided some further research was necessary, and that the owner’s manual which was mainly in Chinese anyway was not going to suffice. After about a good three days of reading up and even looking into some espresso machine reviews, we finally discovered a way to make use of this soon to be white elephant. I will share this with you now.

The Right Way

You need to finely grind your coffee and put it in the portafilter basket, level it off with your finger and apply a little pressure. The amount of milk you use is up to you, I do suggest warming it up before adding it to the coffee. You can also steam your milk by setting it to steam, insert the tip of the steam wand into your milk below the surface of your milk. Once it gets too warm turn off the steam, let out any remaining steam, wipe the steam wand with a damp cloth. I do suggest steaming the milk first then pulling the espresso machine shot. Always keep you espresso machine clean. Since we didn’t get to purchase our espresso machine, I thought it would be great to give you guys some pointers if it’s your first time buying it.

Suggestions Before Buying An Espresso Machine

First of all is all about pricing; By just going through a good number of espresso machine reviews, what I have over and over netted when it comes to pricing is mind blowing. What is true in most things is also true in this industry; you basically get what you have paid for. So before I go out shopping, I always make sure I know exactly what I want before I get my espresso machine review and compare prices as well as, models of espresso machines from several companies and i have read through this particular website Coffee Machine Guides and Top Picks 2017 – Bisuzs Coffee which guided me through all this. This has in a way helped me find the best and affordable espresso machines.

Secondly, did you know it is one thing to make espresso and another to make great and tasty espresso? On any given day, although, I normally make 2 to 3 cups of coffee, through espresso machine reviews, I always check the range of work a machine can do before I dish out my money. I know it is always a safe bet that with an espresso machine that comes with a number of capabilities, the machine will be able to take of all of my espresso needs.

Always Read Reviews

This could possibly be another great reason why you should also go through reviews before you make a selection. I suggest you go through quite a number of espresso machine reviews before you make any choice for the benefits are far reaching since there is a lot that goes into the whole coffee making thing than what meet the normal eye; one of them, you must have the right espresso machine if you want to make great and tasty coffee.


Tips on buying espresso machine

A Guide To Ceramic Cookware

7 months ago

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Ceramic cookware is a type of non-metallic cookware that is molded by organic materials and is extremely durable and strong. Although the creation of this particular type of cookware dates back before the modern civilization, it recently came into the spotlight in 1893, when the highly reputable company called Teflon made the first non-stick coating for various pans and pots, which quickly swept away the market. Most ceramic cookware is coated with a special substance called polytetrafluoroethlyene (PTFE), which has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

What is better in Ceramic cookware?

This question may probably be the most asked question when one is thinking of buying ceramic cookware sets or individual pieces of ceramic cookware and is met with the choice of buying a set made of specific materials. For your leisure, here are the most common and important advantages of this cookware type which can maybe lure you towards buying it.

  • First of all, it has a non stick coating. This coating not only prevents the food from getting all sticky, but also eliminates the need of using oil, and also makes the heat given by the cooktop spread in all directions, ensuring a smooth cooking process.
  • It is currently classified as the least reactive cookware type available in the market, particularly because it is only made by organic materials, and does not feature any metallic materials whatsoever.
  • The last but most important, this particular cookware type can bear extremely high temperatures, making them perfect for oven-based cooking and microwaving, which is because they are called the most versatile cooking equipment to date.

What is the bad stuff in ceramic cookware?

We saved this one for last because many people don’t like reading the bad stuff before the good ones, as this generally gives them the impression that the cons are greater than the pros, so now that we saw all the greatness of the cookware type, let’s indulge ourselves into the dark side.

  • When the coating on the cookware is exposed to extremely high temperatures than the maximum limit, it tends to break down and release toxic gases. They aren’t life threatening, but they can result in illnesses.
  • Although the cookware is hard, it can still break if it falls down, which a really big con is considering that other cookware types don’t.

Foot Notes

All in all, ceramic cookware is still a good option compared to a lot of what the market has to offer. Ceramic cookware are safe and they look gorgeous. If you aren’t a klutz or prone to breaking your own cookware in the kitchen pick one up. After experiencing quality time with your purchase, you’ll wonder why you didn’t switch sooner. Good Luck Whipping Up A STORM.