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NBA Mock Draft

3 months ago

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With the NBA All-Star Game being held on Sunday, the NBA season is a little more than halfway over. With next Thursday’s trade deadline fast approaching, teams are determining whether to go all in on this season, or enter rebuilding mode with help from the draft.

This upcoming draft class is thought of as one of the most talented in recent memory. Its strength is guard play at the top, but there is depth and talent at all positions. Whether you’re looking for the next superstar or just in a position to get a solid role player, the 2017 draft has it all.

Of course, plenty of that talent hails from the SEC. Most is consolidated in Lexington, Ky., but there are a handful of other potential first-round picks from other squads in the SEC.

Part of the fun of getting closer to draft season is reading through mock drafts from across the web to see where your favorite players might end up come June. With that said, we’ve compiled some of the best and most reputable mocks from the basketball internet.

Here are the full first rounds from mock drafts by Draft Express and to give you a better idea of what things could look like come June. Source from

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Stories of my kitchen knives

4 months ago

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For as long as I can remember, I had always equated high price to high-quality products. Therefore, anytime I needed a new household item or personal product, I would go for the most expensive because I assumed it was the best. However, this changed when I bought a really expensive knife set that did not last even two weeks, I could not imagine spending the same amount of money on a knife set again. For this reason, I decided to try out these kitchen knives sets and prove my theory of high price being equal to high-quality wrong.

I did not want to have the same experience I had with the expensive set. Therefore, I decided to take a different approach. This time, I invested time in research. I did some online research on the best budget knife in the market. Some of the knives that caught my include: Utopia Kitchen knife set, Chicago Cutlery 18 piece knife set, Amazon basics knife set and Kitchen Aid 12 piece knife set.

Once I had my list, I compared the prices to see the price difference between the budget knife set and the expensive one I had. I was surprised to see that there was a 50% difference in price. This had to be too good to be true so I decided to read some of the customers’ reviews to find out whether these knife sets really worked. Again, the results were shocking. Customers’ were raving about the knives and claiming it was the best thing that happened in their life.

At this point, I was sold. I knew I had to pick one set and try it out. I compared the features and bought a set that had all the features I needed. I am so glad I made the decision to do research and find the best budget knife. I have been using the knife set for about 2 years now and it is still in perfect shape. I have been using the same approach when buying other things and it has really paid off.